Mind Blowing Tips for Winning Magnum Special Draw You Must Know

In the world of lottery and gambling, Malaysia is one of the countries which are shaping up to a big shape with growing casinos both online and other. This has increased the number of special draws and wins. With all the spread, it is really important to know how you will be increasing you chance to get the lucky number often. Let us talk about the features of Magnum special draw and ways you can hit the jackpot.

First, What is Special Draw?

In the Magnum 4D or 4-digit draws, Tuesdays serve as the day for special draws as it has been granted by the Malaysian Government. There are up to 22 special draws in a year and it helps to boost the Malaysia’s Government treasury.

What to Choose in These Draws?

  • Try to expand your area of gambling, invest on various lotteries.
  • Try to avoid using personal dates such as anniversaries, birthdays or other special days because a limitation of 31 sets in.
  • Stick to 10 lottery numbers and play with them more than once.
  • Try to look for pro tips which will let you decide well on how to select digits.


Mind Blowing Tips to Win Magnum Special Draw


  • Less heads means less meddling


If you hit the jackpot by taking help from a lot of people, you are bound to share your winning prize with them. This will barely leave something fruitful for you. Don’t involve too many people to help you choose the numbers. Even if you get help of lottery services during your online selection, try to avoid those numbers.


  • Avoid the recent past


During selecting your special draw, 4D is definitely a nice way to go; although, you should avoid the numbers that won in the last special draw or last week. There is very weak probability that those numbers will be immediately repeated.


  • Shoot for high


Don’t get personal with choosing the numbers because dates that are important to you are not strong digits and limit you to 1-31. The chance of winning Magnum special draw is with higher numbers. Shoot for the higher numbers to increase your scope of winning.


  • A ticket nearer to end


If you are putting in money to buy tickets in advance for about a week, the chances are they will not contain the winning numbers. The best idea is to get hold of your Magnum ticket nearer to the draw date of special draw, this increases chance of winning.


  • Buy your dream ticket


Choose the ticket your heart wants. Do what your heart and dreams guide you to because winning a lottery is always a dream come true. Don’t just dwell on the probability of what can happen and how will it happen. Just roll in and hope to get lucky.


These are some amazing tips that can make you the next lucky person to win a special draw and open the key to happiness. These advices are really accurate and will surely increase your shot at winning a special draw. Just go with them. All the best with their ramalan 4d too!



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