Dream List of MLM Software Features

My Dream List of MLM Software Features

If you are running an MLM program, you know that your multi-level marketing operation is not going to last long if people do not trust you. You probably don’t need me to remind you of this fact. Since there are so many of these types of setups happening all over the Internet as well as in the brick-and-mortar world, there really is no wiggle room for playing things fast and loose. You truly can’t afford to screw around. Most importantly, you can’t afford to be perceived or be seen as screwing around.


People have a natural suspicion of these types of programs. If you think about it, the deck is stacked against you because people think that since they got burned, or they know somebody who knows somebody who got ripped off by an MLM program back in a day, that all these types of programs, regardless of the products they push as well as their structure, are suspect at the very best. Do you see how this works?


You really can’t afford to run a very loose ship. That’s just out of the question. This is why it’s really a good idea to invest in MLM software. The bottom line should be as clear as day and night: Running an MLM program without MLM software would be suicide. There. It can’t get any clearer than that.



Any credibility hit or any suspicion or even cloud of suspicion increases the risk of your business failing. In fact, it would explode the chances that your business will go belly up. The reason for this, as you are well aware, is the downline. If people stop referring other people because they think it’s a scam, a rip-off or it’s just too much of a bother; your business will dry up because it’s all about referrals. Accountability and transparency are crucial to your business.


There is Still Room for Improvement

Even if you were to invest in software that automates your multi-level marketing operation, whether it’s online or offline, there is always room for improvement. Things can still be taken up to the next level as far as accountability, transparency and other features that build trust. You have to understand that business, regardless of whether it’s a multi-level marketing business or a regular marketing or sales business, revolves around trust. People have to trust your brand. People have to think that you are trustworthy with their money. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


This is why I’ve come up with six key dream MLM software features. These are the features that I think would take the typical multi-level marketing automation suite to a whole other level. If you’re looking to make more money; if you’re looking to build a better brand, listen up. By simply upgrading your software to include as many of these following features as possible, you can get better results.


Social Media Tracking

You don’t need me to remind you of how powerful social media is. Think about it. If you post something on Facebook and enough of your friends share and like that post, your reach can be exponential.


It doesn’t really matter whether you are based primarily in Southeast Asia, your reach and influence can spread all over the planet. Why? People from different countries are friends with each other. They’re relatives with each other. It’s not hard to find somebody in Southeast Asia who has relatives in all four corners of the globe.


If the multi-level marketing content that you share on social media is compelling enough, you can bet that people, regardless of where they live, will come across your content. Your system must be able to handle that traffic; otherwise, you’re going to lose credibility.


Discount Code Offline Tracking

People love to get discounts. If you want to make a lot of money using the multi-level marketing strategy or structure, you need to make sure you track your discounts properly. What’s the point of saying to your downline that they can offer a 50% discount when by the time the sales get to you, a lot of the discount has disappeared? People will start to think that the program is rotten. A lot of people might make all sorts of accusations regarding bait-and-switch marketing. There’re all sorts of things that could go wrong.


To make all this unnecessary drama go away, make sure your software can do a really tight job of ensuring that the discount codes which appear at the bottom of the organization makes it all the way to the top. There has to be no deterioration in discount code tracking, whether the deal is done online or offline.


Intelligent-Evolving Forms for Greater Conversions

Increasingly, a lot of MLM deals are being finalized on the Internet. A lot of people trust the Internet more than face-to-face MLM deals, especially if they’re dealing with somebody they don’t really know all that well. This is human nature.


However, the problem here is that what once we get the conversion up on a form on the Internet, it’s anybody’s guess whether people will actually sign up. Make no mistake about it you can lead a horse to water, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the horse will drink. The same goes with people. You can get them to load up your website, fill in the form, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they would whip out their credit cards and close the deal.


If MLM software is hard-coded or ships with some sort of intelligent evolving forms, you would be able to convert a lot more of your website visitors into actual network members.


Multiple Evolving Landing Pages

People think in different ways. People often describe MLM organizations and networks in various ways. Subsequently, the landing page that you put in front of all those eyeballs should change according to the needs or perception of the person looking through your benefits. Otherwise, it’s probably going to be very hard to convert that person.


Ideally, MLM automation systems should have some sort of evolving mechanism to track the tastes and preferences of people who actually make it all the way to a particular program’s landing pages. By tracking this information and optimizing it in real time, you increase your chances of actually getting more network members.


Purely E-Mail-Driven Synch Version

A lot of people can’t be relied on to check websites. They’re simply too busy. A lot of people can’t be found in social media.


So, given how elusive this population is, how do you think you can reach them? The answer should be obvious: e-mail. Most people use e-mail.


Your multi-level marketing business can explode quite a bit if you make sure that your automation software enables people who just communicate via e-mail to remain in touch with your network and your program. This increases the likelihood that people will follow through and possibly even refer you to their social network.


Brand-Building Value

The problem with most MLM software packages out there is that they are too bland. There’s really no other way to describe it. They just come in a fresh out of the box, so to speak, with no personality of their own. Sure, a lot of them allow you to put a logo up at the upper left side, but that’s pretty much the extent of the customization these pieces of software ship with. Sadly, in this day and age, that’s not enough.


My dream software automation package enables you to have two enables you to customize fully the package to fit your brand’s logo as well as your messaging strategy. This allows you to have a consistent brand in front of the eyeballs you’re trying to impress.


If these dream features are added to a typical MLM automation package, you can bet that your multi-level marketing operation can achieve a tremendous success.



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