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Malaysia Lottery Ticketing System

Today, we would like to brief the lottery ticketing system in Malaysia which consist of 3 different lottery companies which is 1+3D Da Ma Cai, Magnum 4D and Sports Toto. If you have not heard any one of these, you must be a new player then! The lottery system for each company is different, for instant, Da Ma Cai is one of the earliest company which release their draw and come along with Magnum 4D and then Sports Toto.

Despite Da Ma Cai is more efficient in publishing their results, but mostly players would like to join Magnum 4D compare to the other two. The reason is because Magnum 4D in Chinese translation means “You can win a million dollar”, which makes players thinks that the name will bring fortune to them.

However, some people would prefer Da Ma Cai or Sports Toto too, this is generally based on your preferences, the 3 different company has the same game and winning prizes, however the only different is about the Jackpot prizes provided by the companies.

Each different company has their own winning prize amount for Jackpot winner. Jackpot system is different from ordinary game as you will only need RM2 to bet for 2 sets of 4 digit numbers. Why 2 sets instead of 1 set? The reason is because Jackpot system requires you to win 2 set of numbers from their game. For example, you bought 1122-4923, either one set of number must be in top 3 prize and the other is in special prize. If you won two sets, it means you have won the Jackpot prize which amount of Rm20million or more or less depending on the company offered jackpot prize.

Although this sounds pretty hard, but it all depends on your luck and strategy though! Many people thinks that winning jackpot is depending on luck, but the truth is this is never depend on luck instead you need a strategy and luck to win.

How to have a good strategy on winning Jackpot? First of all,you would need to calculate the number of times that a number is in a draw. The more frequent the number is then this would be a “Hot Number”. Another method is about your luck, you can generate a toto 4d lucky number and watch when is the special draw to avoid missing any draws.

MBO Starling Mall

Take Your Film Encounter To Some Complete Fresh Degree In The Completely New Unique Places Of MBO Theatre in Starling Mall!


Today, MBO Theatre has emerge of having 4D results theatre area in Malaysia using the fresh concept. Throughout the grand-opening of MBO Theatre Damansara Uptown, in Mall, they especially launched 4 fresh ideas of theatre places for that customers to savor their films by having an experience.

With this honor that was fantastic, MBO Theatre has asked The Protection Malaysia to become listed on the opening occasion that was grand Damansara Uptown on 6th of April, in Mall. For today, an overall total is of 27 Movies in Malaysia including this newest new theatre.

To be able to supply moviegoers having a comfy and various sensation of film encounters, MBO has launched the 4 fresh ideas of theatre including the household hall – MBO Kecil, the big screen hall – MBO Large Screen, the magnificent hall – MBO Premier and also the contemporary hall – MBO MX4D corridor.

Let’s take a look at-all these 4 theatre places in MBO Theatre in Mall.

  1. MBO Kecil

Today, MBO Theatre has supplied the very best answer for that parents to create their kids to get a film in MBO Kecil corridor. Kecil is fully with beanbags, sofabeds, as well as a little playground for that children. While viewing a film within the theatre the current idea of taking the fun kids has taken a brand new encounter for that parents to look after the youngster. With this specific household corridor idea, it’s guaranteed the movie clients aren’t diverted in the film or suffering from others.

For several film enthusiasts, you’ll certainly get irritated (sometimes) from the children who’re having a good time within the theatre as the film is certainly going on and parents can’t appear to do something to prevent their kids from experimenting because they are viewing the film in public places.


2.MBO Large Screen


3. MBO Premier



MEN! You don’t have to envy the truly amazing connection with unique feelings ramifications of movies in international nations and shifting seats. In MX4D Corridor, the theatre is caused using water system, breeze coming system, the flashing-light impact system as well as the digital odor system which assists the clients to feel just like being within the films!

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