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The membership of Wethersfield Historical Society is passionate about the town’s history, often inspiring individuals to conduct research on their own about topics of particular interest.

The "Articles from the Community" section of this website includes research and writing of the Wethersfield community representative of their interest and enthusiasm for topics related to Wethersfield history and culture. Articles are not edited by Wethersfield Historical Society staff and while we hope you find the contributions to "Articles from the Community" interesting and informative, they do not reflect the research, scholarly editing, views, or opinions of Wethersfield Historical Society's staff, Governing Board or general membership as a whole

WHS Board Scholarship 2014 Winning Essay

The Governing and Advisory Boards of Wethersfield Historical Society  award a scholarship to a graduating High School Senior. To be eligible students must have volunteered at the historical society and/or any taken the Wethersfield High School’s  Wethersfield Studies class. The recipient is then chosen on the basis of a short essay submitted to our committee. […]

The Revolutionary Life of Samuel Blachley Webb

By Linda Pagliuco As long as it shall stand, the Joseph Webb house on Main Street in Wethersfield will be firmly linked to the name of George Washington. Fewer people know, however, that when Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the newly created United States of America, the Bible upon which he took […]

A Birds-eye View of Wethersfield’s History

The following set of maps were created by Phil Lohman, artist and Wethersfield resident.  These birds-eye views are intended to depict, in fifty year increments, the development of Wethersfield and to highlight some noteworthy events.  Please click on the illustration for a larger view. The maps and accompanying text were originally published in the Town of Wethersfield’s 2013 […]

History of Trinity Parish (Episcopal)

The cornerstone of Trinity Parish was laid on June 1, 1871. The earliest history of Trinity Parish began in 1729, when the Rev. Samuel Johnson of Stratford, Connecticut visited Westerly, Rhode Island and Wethersfield, Connecticut for the purpose of establishing Episcopal churches at these places. These initial efforts were unsuccessful.   In 1797, a church was organized […]

About the Author: Phil Lohman

Phil Lohman had a 23 year career with the Hartford Courant’s Graphics Department.  In retirement, he drew a guide to trees on Broad Street Green for the Village Improvement Association.  For the Wethersfield Library he illustrated locations described in Elizabeth George Speare’s award-winning book “The Witch of Blackbird Pond”, a story of colonial life in […]

Meet Mr. Wethersfield: Alfred W. Hanmer

By Abbie B. Dunn Meet Mr. Wethersfield! I was not privileged to know Alfred W. Hanmer, but from all I have heard and read, he was “Mr. Wethersfield.” If he were alive today, I’m sure we would be B.M.C.A.’s Man of the Year.    Serving as First Selectman for 46 years, he had a hand in […]

Joseph Emerson: Pioneer in Women's Education

by Francis Wells Fox    [The following account of the life of Joseph Emerson was written by Francis Wells Fox in 1934 for presentation to the Women’s Saturday Afternoon Club of Wethersfield.  A brief history of that organization follows the article.  Wethersfield’s Emerson Williams Elementary School is named in honor of  the Reverend Joseph Emerson and […]

Governor Thomas Welles

by C.A. Baker [The building known since 1990 as the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center was completed and opened in 1894 as the Center School – then renamed Governor Thomas Welles School in 1933. Following is the story of Governor Thomas Welles after his arrival in America – excerpted from “The Baker Family Tree”.  The entire […]

About the Author: Charles Baker

I grew up in Niagara Falls, New York, graduated from Cornell University in 1964, and after almost 40 years I retired from the construction industry in 2003. I am currently 71 years old.  My wife and I moved to Tampa, Florida with our family in 1983. We currently have a home in Estero, Florida and […]

A History of Temple Beth Torah

(This article was written for the 50th Anniversary of Temple Beth Torah and updated by Temple Beth Torah and Wethersfield Historical Society member Phil Lohman.) The Jewish Community Group of Wethersfield, forerunner of the present Temple Beth Torah, originated in December 1954, when eighteen families convened to discuss the possibilities of forming such a group.  […]