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Connecticut 29th Volunteer Regiment

By Wethersfield Historical Society on December 14, 2006 6:45 PM

Connecticut 29th Volunteer Regiment was the first Connecticut regiment of African Americans formed near the beginning of 1864. It saw action under the direction of General Benjamin Butler who was one of the early advocates of using black soldiers. There were eight Wethersfield men in this unit, one of whom died after the fighting was over but was still with the regiment.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment

  1. Archy, William 12/11/63 Company C M.O. 10/24/65
  2. Barnes, Charles 12/2/63 Company C M.O. 10/24/65
  3. Bassey, Sidney 12/2/63 Company C M.O. 10/24/65
  4. Deming, Richard 12/14/63 Company B? Des.? 10/24/65
  5. Madison, James M. 12/15/63 Company C M.O. 10/24/65
  6. Merchant, Abram 12/10/63 Company C Des. 3/15/64
  7. Oliver, Joshua 12/15/63 Company C Died 10/5/65
  8. Smith, James 12/4/63 Company H M.O. 10/24/65

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