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Connecticut 1st Volunteer Regiment

By Wethersfield Historical Society on December 14, 2006 6:26 PM

Connecticut 1st Volunteer Regiment had five Wethersfield men enlisted in this 90-day regiment. At that time most of the people in both the North and South thought that the war would be very short and 90-day regiments were common. The regiment was at First Bull Run but saw no action. Four of the five men re-enlisted in other regiments.

Name / Date In / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment

  1. Belden, Samuel 4/19/1861 Company B 7/31/1861 Re-enlisted 16th Regiment
  2. Kennedy, Thomas H. 4/22/1861 Rifle Company A 7/31/1861 Musician
  3. Wadsworth, Horace 4/19/1861 Infantry Company B 7/31/1861 Re-enlisted 7th Regiment
  4. Garvie,William 4/22/1861 Infantry Company A 7/31/1861 Re-enlisted 12th Regiment
  5. Carter, James W. 4/19/1861 Infantry Company B 7/31/1861 Re-enlisted 13th Regiment

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