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Connecticut 16th Volunteer Regiment

By Wethersfield Historical Society on December 14, 2006 6:38 PM

Connecticut 16th Volunteer Regiment was one of Connecticut and Wethersfield's tragic regiments. It was mustered in late August of 1962 and in less than a month was thrown into the final part of the Battle of Antietam. The unit was untrained and only recently armed. Predictably they were ineffective and ran, suffering heavy casualties. Of the 15 Wethersfield men, two deserted the day of the battle

The unit fought at Fredericksburg with slight loss and was then transferred to the Southern Virginia, Northern North Carolina area. The regiment was stationed at the town of Plymouth. There it was attacked and captured by an overwhelming Confederate force. 436 were captured and sent to various prison camps. Most of them were sent to Andersonville and about one half died there. Nine Wethersfield men were captured of which three died.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment

  1. Belden, Samuel H. Re-en from 1st Reg. Company A From 9/1/63 Capt 4/20/64 plymouth M.C. Charlestown S.C. Died 10/4/64
  2. Bradley, Fernando 7/31/62 Company A Capt. 4/20/64, Paroled 11/20/64, Disc. 6/3/65
  3. Clapp, John B. 7/20/62 Company A - D From 1st LT, Co. D 9/30/62 to ADJ 1/9/63 Capt 4/20/64
  4. Damery, John 8/18/62 Company A Capt 4/20/64 Plymouth NC died 7/20/64, Andersonville VA
  5. Deming, David W. 8/13/62 Company C Capt 4/20/64 WD 4/24/64, Suffolk VA, died 10/28/64, Andersonville VA
  6. Forbes, Ira E. 7/21/62 Company A From CPL 5/1//63 Capt. 4/20/64 Plymouth, Paroled 11/30/64, disc. 6/22/64
  7. Hale, Nathan 8/7/62 Company A Died 10/12/62, Baltimore
  8. Kellogg, Robert H. 8/11/62 Company A From Sgt. 5/63 Andersonville, Cap. 4/20/64 appt. Sgt. Maj. 12/7/63 disc. 8/1/65
  9. Kneeland, Dwight 8/23/62 Company A PFC 1/1/64, Sgt. 11/1/64, Trans Sig. Corps 11/22/63, died 3/1/65
  10. Rhodes, Henry 8/16/62 Company A Cpl. Deserted 9/17/62
  11. Tracy, Michael 7/25/62 Company C Capt. 4/20/64 Plymouth, Pard. 2/28/65, disc. 6/20/62
  12. Tucker, Dixon 7/21/62 Company A Deserted 9/17/62
  13. Warner, Abner S. 7/28/62 Surgeon res. 1/7/63
  14. White, Henry A. 8/11/62 Company C Capt. 4/20/64, Plymouth, Disc. Disab. 5/23/65
  15. Baker, Samuel 8/6/62 Company F Cpt WD 9/12/62, Antietam, Reduced 2/29/63, disc. Disab. 5/26/63 to 1st C.V. Light Bat.

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