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Connecticut 12th Volunteer Regiment

By Wethersfield Historical Society on December 14, 2006 6:36 PM

Connecticut 12th Volunteer Regiment was known as the Charter Oak Regiment, being recruited in the Hartford area. Eleven Wethersfield men were in the regiment, one of whom died. It fought under Benjamin Butler in Louisiana and later with Nathaniel Banks in his Louisiana campaign.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment

  1. Bishop, Austin 12/27/61 Company A Re-eslisted in 76th Batt.
  2. Brannon, Thomas 4/7/64 Company B To CT 12th Batt. 11/26/64
  3. DeBlois, William B. 12/27/61 Company B Enl. 11/20/61 as musician from Cpl. 11/1/63. Re-enl 1/1/64, disc. 7/24/65 also in 1st R.I.
  4. Dickson, George T. 11/20/61 Company C From Cpl. 11/28/63 WD 10/19/64. Trans. To Batt. Cedar Creek, LA
  5. Garvie, Willaim A. 11/10/61 Company A Cpl. From Sgt. 5/1/62, Capt. 3/27/63, Pattersonville LA, parole made, disc. 12/2/64?
  6. Hills, Ralph H. 12/12/61 Company F Musician tran to rank, wounded 9/19/64, Winchester, VA
  7. Holden, John M 12/19/61 Company B From Cpl 5/1/62, died 9/20/63
  8. Loftus, Thomas 4/7/64 Company H Deserted 5/20/64
  9. Mulroney, Frederick 4/11/64 Company H Wounded 9/19/64, Winchester, VA, to 12th Batt.
  10. Steele, Abel 1/24/62 Company I Cred.? To Berlin, disc. 4/5/62
  11. Skinner, Sylvester 12/9/61 Company H Disc. Disa. 2/25/62, Co. H 25 C.V.

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